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When you partner with Advantage, we walk you through every step of the on-boarding process with one-on-one calls, expert training, and product installation to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. With our helpdesk, you won’t need to be an expert. Simply leverage your existing customer base while we keep you up to date on the latest news and updates on your products.

Benefits and sales incentives include:

  • Dedicated Channel Sales Manager
  • Deal Registration
  • Access to Senior Engineers
  • Exclusive Software – FaxPulse Business Intelligence Suite with Alerting & Monitoring
  • Expert Support

Introduction to Selling with Advantage:

RightFax is the premiere enterprise fax server solution, with on-premise, hybrid, and cloud deployment options. As an automated electronic document delivery system, RightFax integrates with most desktop and business applications, including most EMR systems, to maximize employee productivity, improve information security, decrease paper-related costs and security risks associated with stand-alone fax machines.

We are the leading authorized distribution partner in North America

Our highly trained software engineers have invaluable background experience working as consultants, managers and executives within the vertical markets of healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and government. We have helped some of the nation’s largest healthcare systems, medical institutions and universities to streamline their workflows, manage their SLAs, better secure the exchange of protected health information (PHI), and enhance their ability to comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA.

Introduction to Selling with Advantage:

The most powerful analytics and monitoring engine for RightFax

The FaxPulse Business Intelligence (BI) suite is a unique platform developed by Advantage Technologies that combines analytics gathering with monitoring and alerting. FaxPulse watches the RightFax system(s) and lets admins know whenever it looks like there is a problem.

Organizations can set custom thresholds for each one of the metrics, and FaxPulse will send them an email alert when something looks amiss. FaxPulse is able to track queued faxes and work requests, server cpu usage and drive space for their image directory. Channel usage and RightFax service status across their entire system are watched.

In the latest version of FaxPulse, we have added traffic monitors that allow organizations to watch the volume of traffic for different RightFax accounts, track fax status, and ensure their system is processing faxes.

Introduction to Selling with Advantage:

EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) is a Print Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed for organizations that want to unburden themselves from complex print infrastructures. With EveryonePrint HCP, you can eliminate all print-related servers, and optimize IT print infrastructure and administration, and enhance the way your printing is hosted while reducing costs. Benefits of our hybrid-hosted solution include:

  • Reduction in IT administration
  • Consolidate or remove print infrastructure
  • Proven high scalable solution
  • Reporting capabilities and security compliance

Using this solution, organizations can send print jobs from any device to any printer in the organization using the same print driver, increase the user experience while reducing maintenance, and supports most MFP manufacturers which can be utilized in a mixed fleet environment, reducing, or delaying investment in new MFPs.

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