All-in-one Enterprise Print Management Solution 

Simplify Complex IT Print Infrastucture

Seamlessly migrate an existing on-premise print environment to a cloud-based service.

Next generation printing solution

In the age of cloud, there is a growing need for different tools and technologies that support organizations in the achievement of their business goals. Hybrid Cloud Platform makes streamlining the print infrastructure, eliminating print servers, and incorporating cloud technologies extremely easy.

HCP lessens the burden on IT, removes reliance on print servers, enables central management and provides the strongest security between endpoints.

Hybrid Platform
Can be delivered as a true “as a service” options, as a private cloud in the customers own data center or in any other combination
Highly Secure
Includes auditing, compliance and encryption. We are currently working towards complying with the future General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being released by EU in 2018.
Consolidate Print Servers
Utilize highly scalable Linux technology to reduce or even eliminate print servers and dramatically reduce TCO or CAPEX for new investments.
Reduction in IT admin costs
Due to a simpler server and less user complexity, customers can reduce user and server IT administration and utilize resources to drive business IT projects.
Print from any device and location
Full featured mobile print support and guest printing for all users on all locations
Full print functionality for all
Follow-me print for all office and non-office printing (SAP, ERP, Host etc.)

   Take Your Print Infrastructure to the Cloud

      Benefit from a unique, all-in-one print infrastructure solution providing the agility and innovation of cloud technology:

 Serverless printing
RLessen the burden on IT, enable central management, and virtually eliminate common IT helpdesk pain points.

 Single print driver
A true single print driver that makes it possible for everyone to print to any device.

 Best in class security
Protect your data with end-to-end server to hardware encryption, auditing functionality, and more.

 One solution, hosted anywhere
HCP can be delivered as a hosted Software as a Service offering or installed as an on-premise private cloud.

 Automate administrative tasks
Deploy and control the entire printing infrastructure from a single web-based interface.

 Multi-tenant platform
Replace existing Windows and Mac-based print infrastructure in less than ten minutes.

Cloud migration driven by expectations

The emergence of cloud print infrastructure offerings is being driven by customer demand. As organizations are adopting cloud services they’re offloading their on-premise infrastructure.

In order to really unlock cloud benefits businesses need to navigate away from cloud-enabled and cloud-ready offerings, to mitigate the risk of paying monthly service charges for a supplier to host their existing print solution in someone else’s data center, whilst suffering performance issues and security risks.

True cloud print platforms are available now that can help you on this journey, and the consequence of inaction is high. Apart from continuing to incur the higher total cost of ownership of a legacy print environment, there is in most cases, an unacceptable opportunity cost of being unable to prioritize future IT projects because of the administrative burdens of maintaining legacy systems.

With the right print infrastructure platform, organizations can enjoy a smooth transition to hassle free printing, with immediate end-user fulfillment/device provisioning, automation of traditional administrative tasks, best in class performance and security as well as the ability to auto-scale in response to demand.

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